A while ago I've started going to a Japanese conversation class at a VHS (adult education center). So for me it's almost like going back to school again, eventhough it's only once a week. And what's the most exciting thing about going back to school? That's right, new stationery!

I purchased a simple MUJI ring file and opted for the colourful separators for the lesson's themes. But I noticed that the separators were way too long – they jutted out way too much from the file and after a while they looked like this:

Now, I'm not happy about this. I could have used a set of index cards instead, but seriously, I just can't stand their form and colour! I haven't seen any that are pretty to my taste but I was also too lazy to make my own version. And so when I went to MUJI last week I was delighted to find these index cards! Why didn't I think of them before!

The themes are now at the top of the file, which is great, since I carry the file vertically in my bag. That way the edges won't get scrunched so easily anymore. I opted for the simple one-colour version and decided to decorate the file's cover:

And now I am one happy student!



On this last day of January, and while many people are celebrating the Chinese New Year, I thought once again about New Year. New Year is not only about new resolutions, but also about new calendars and planners, right?

Those who know me from high school may remember that I used to love paper planners. I always misused them as visual diaries, where I sketch, draw, write and document my activities, thoughts and feelings of the day. The truth is, I still love them until today, and I admire those, who keep scribbling and doodling in their paper planners, even as full-time working adults. See that ほぼ日手帳 video up there? I would love, love, love to be able to dive into that kind of paper world again!

It's not that I don't have time for keeping a visual diary anymore. I could've taken the time if I wanted to. It's more that feeling that the times where I could express myself in scribbles and doodles are already over. The times where I drew monsters and quoted some Nirvana lyrics when I was angry at someone (yes, I was a teenager in the 90's) are long gone. Now I just document mostly my food on Instagram and sometimes vent one or two lines on Facebook. And that's it. Has this ever happened to you? The thought that a period of your life has gone forever, along with the 'you' from that time?

But now I've been thinking of reviving the idea of keeping a paper planner/diary. I'd love to take time to make some collage, write short poems, quote song lyrics, paste some cute stickers and masking tapes, sketch...and when I think about it: even the trips to the local stationery store to choose some cute pens would excite me!

For the start, I purchased a new MUJI planner for 2014 (with almost 40% off!) and dusted off my MUJI all-rounder notebook from 2013. And as you can see, I already decorated the planner with masking tape (yes, I looooove masking tapes!). My goal is to use both of them everyday, and when I actually do, I might reward myself next year with a ほぼ日手帳. But only then! So wish me luck!

Also: why do sketches on such planners look much more appealing when annotated with Japanese? Okay, maybe that one is really just me...



There are many Japanese restaurants in Munich and one of my favourites is OHAYOU in Munich-Schwabing. Last week Ajie and I went there to try out its "Party-Menü" (it's called a party menu but actually it's only for two, hihi), which consists of seven dishes.

It was very delicious! I highly recommend it! There were enough breaks between the dishes, and after four dishes they politely asked us, whether we wanted a longer break. So eventhough the portions were small, thanks to the breaks in the end we had a satisfying fullness – just enough, not too stuffed, even for Ajie, who usually eats a much bigger portion than me ;-)

The dishes from top to bottom, right to left:

1. assorted appetizer – mini springrolls and two different seaweed salad
2. 刺身 sashimi
3.焼き鳥 (yakitori) –grilled chicken on skewer
4. 串揚げ (kushi age) – fried meat on skewer
5. お味噌汁 miso soup
6. お寿司 sushi
7. matcha ice cream and matcha tiramisu

If you happen to be in Munich and crave Japanese food, please try OHAYOU!

80804 Munich-Schwabing

PS: I couldn't take better pictures because of the light conditions at our table that night. If you have tips on how to shoot good food pictures in a rather dark restaurants, please do tell me!



Yesterday siebenmachen had their first birthday! Siebenmachen means "seven make", a name that describes the cute shop runs by seven creative ladies. The birthday was celebrated in the shop, among all the lovely handmade stuff.

(This little teacup puppy has to be my favourite item in the shop. I should've really bought it, I'm not sure why I didn't!)

Siebenmachen sells bags, boxes, cards, pouches, clothes, jewellery, cups – all handmade! So if you happen to be in Munich, make sure you pay them a visit!

St. Bonifatius Str. 20



Though it's late: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

Usually, New Year is about resolutions, right? This year, before making any resolutions, I'd like to share an inspiring video about resolutions with you. It is a modern poetry in German, written and performed by Julia Engelmann for CampusTV event at Bielefeld University. For those of you who don't understand German, I've taken the liberty of free translating it. It's a little long, but it's really worth to read.

The poetry was inspired by Asaf Avidan's "One day (Reckoning Song)".

One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

I am the master of the pranks, when it comes to self-deception

A genuine toddler, when I stand before tasks
Let myself be inspired by levity, when someone else does it
I think too much, I wait too long
I resolve to do too much and in the end do too little
I hold myself back too many times, I doubt everything
I would like to be wise, but that's pretty stupid

I would like to say so much but remain mostly silent
Because if I would say it all then it would be too much

I would like to do so many things
My list is very long but I will never do everything anyway
So I do not even start
Instead, I hang aimlessly on my smartphone
I wait for the next Friday to come
"I'll do it later!" is my basic daily line
I am so terribly lazy like a pebble on the ocean floor

And one day baby, I'll be old.
I'll be old and think of all the stories that I could have told.

And you?
You mumble the same resolutions  again

Every year anew at New Year's Eve, faithful to your champagne glass
And the end of December you realize, that you're right when you say

That you blow them again this year

Should 2013 not be the first year of the rest of your new life?
You wanted to lose weight, get up earlier, go out more often, reach out to your dreams...
...but, like every year, as though you did not expect it, the everyday life came in between

Our life is a waiting room
But no one calls us
We are young, we have a lot of time
Why should we take a risk - we don't want to make any mistakes
We want nothing to lose

And so, there is still so much to do
Our lists stay long
And so it goes, day after day

And one day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

And the stories we will tell instead, will be sad conjunctives, like...
...once, I almost ran a marathon and
...almost read that famous book and
...once, I almost stay awake until the clouds turned purple again and
...almost, we almost unmasked ourselves and saw, that we are both the same 

...and had almost told each other how much we mean to each other.
That is what we'll said

We will conceal that we were just lazy and cowardly
We will secretly wish to stay here a little bit longer
When we are old, and our days run short, only then we will understand

That we never had anything to lose
Because we ourselves can choose the life we want to lead

So let's write the stories that we would like to tell later!
Let's stay up late at night!

Let's climb to the city's highest rooftop, laughing, singing the greatest of all songs!
Let's do party, throw confettis around and watch them fall to the ground!

Let's believe in ourselves
I don't care if it's crazy

Those who looks closely will see, that courage is just a anagram of happiness
And whoever we were, let us be whoever we want to be

We have waited too long already
The meaning of life is to live
Let us make as many mistakes as possible and learn as much as possible from them
You reap what you sow, so let's sow good seeds
Let's do everything because we want to, not because we have to

We are still young and lively - everyone should know that
Our time will pass, that will happen anyway
Until then we are free, and there is nothing to lose

Let's unmask ourselves, and we'll see, we are the same
And then we can say that we mean a lot to each other
And the life that we want, we can choose ourselves

So go on!
Let's write the stories that we would like to tell later.
And one day baby, we'll be old.
Oh baby, we'll be old.
And think of all the stories that are forever ours.

So are you going to "just" make a list of resolutions, or actually start living your life the way you want it to be?