I am a girl called Alex.
I am married to boy called Ajie.
We are not German but currently live in Munich, Germany.

I am a realist and a dreamer.
I am a problem solver and a troublemaker.
I am tomboy, I am girly.
I am rational and I am crazy.
I am full of contradiction and that's okay.

I like eating, sleeping, reading, taking pictures, and creating things.
Especially memories.

What is レクトピア (Rekutopia) about?

This blog is one of my online playgrounds, where I leave digital traces as memories.
Do have in mind, that what you see here is never the whole picture, but only fragments of my life.
Should you have any questions, just drop me a line!
reku {at} ironlungs.de

Thanks for visiting!

PS: All pictures in this blog is taken by me, unless otherwise stated. Please do not take any images or content without permission or without referring to its origins.

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