If you are from Germany you are probably familiar with the apartment situation in Munich. With the city growing and becoming more popular as a very good place to live, affordable apartments have become more and more scarce. Ajie and I started to hunt for one in October 2012, and it was not until March 2013 that we found one that meets our criteria and is affordable.

Since I was still living in Berlin during the hunt, it was mostly Ajie who did the survey and talked to the owners or agents. I just had to rely on his photographs, descriptions, and in the end, my trust on him. Believe it or not, the first time I set foot on our apartment was on the day we moved in! Now that is a whole lot of trust, I'm telling you ;-)

There you have it, the floor plan of our apartment. The apartment is around 75 sqm. The former tenants were three students, so each of them had their own bed-living room, and they shared the kitchen and the bath. Now the biggest room (top left) is our living room, the second biggest one (bottom right) is our bedroom, and the smallest room (bottom left) is our study and guest bedroom.

As you can see, not all of the rooms are rectangular, so it's been a challenge to arrange the furnitures, especially in the living room. In addition, the outer walls of the whole building are extremely thick, and we haven't found a drill machine strong enough to drill through them. It's going to take a while until we can mount stuff on the walls...

That being said, last week I was suddenly inspired to document the progress of our apartment. We've lived here for almost half a year now, but the apartment is far from finished. So why not start now? I thought it would be nice to be able to look back and see how the place have changed in the years. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of the empty state of the apartments, nor the initial state with just boxes inside (we were exhausted and just wanted to do the things that can be done as soon as possible).

All the same, stay tuned for some progress posts!

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  1. In Chinesse tradition the shape of the apartment floor-plan called "Lucky Bag".. ;))
    Good luck for both of you....