Before I moved to Munich Ajie used to lived very near to Olympia Park, where the Olympic Games was held in 1972. Every Friday and Saturday there is also a huge flea market held at its parking lot, but we've never been there, eventhough I love flea markets. Since the weather was so nice yesterday, we decided to finally visit the flea market.

And these are the stuff I got there: two metal baking pans, two mini casseroles and one ラーメン (ramen, japanese noodle soup) bowl. I even got the bowl for free! The owner bought it as a gift to her friend, but her friend died on pneumonia before she had the chance to visit her again. So seeing the bowl had always reminded her of her friend and it pained her a lot. After telling me the story she suddenly said, "You know what, I'll just give it to you. You can have something you like and I can finally get rid of it and have my peace." She also told me where she bought the bowl so I could get its pair (I told her I would have bought it if there were two of them).

I love flea markets - they are full of surprises.
Do you like flea markets?

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