You may or may not know that somehow I like things that contradict each other. For example, modern and old, plain and colourful, tidy and messy — well okay, let's make it tidy and not so tidy ;-) I like to philosophise that it's the reason why I like Japan, a country full of contradictions, where modern robots and traditional tea ceremonies are good neighbours.

This contradiction-love is also what inspires me in my daily life. Those piles of books you see above are some of them. They range from シンプル、ナチュラルリビング (simple, natural living, like the Japanese like to call it) to かわいい暮らし (cute living). Let me show you some examples.

Come Home from SHUFU-TO-SEIKATSUSHA, one of those "natural living" magazines. Light-coloured wood, cotton and linen, knitted, crocheted and hand-made stuff.

A peek inside some of 雅姫さん (Masaki's) books about her life in Japan and her travel stories to England and France. She owns a children clothes shop and likes to get inspirations from abroad. Did I mention that I also love the Japanese interpretation of English, French and Scandinavian styles?

ふたり暮らしSTYLE, my other favourite from SHUFU-TO-SEIKATSUSHA, an interior and living style magazine for couples. Surely, there is also a version for singles: ひとり暮らしをとことん楽しむ!

Decoration = masking tape! If I had all the money in the world, I would collect every single book about masking tape that exist out there.

And finally, the cute and colourful HELLO SANDWICH book from the wonderful Ebony Bizys, who is very fortunate to live in Japan and work with Martha Stewart Crafts!

Besides books and magazines, I have some blogs I frequent whenever I have time. One of my favourites has got to be Chez Larsson, which belongs to the amazing Benita Larsson in Sweden, who loves to organize everything and also the colour white. I mean, just look at her home:

Amazing, I'm telling you! Benita, if you read this, I'm your fan ;-) I've been following her blog since 2008 and she's been one of my inspiration sources ever since.

Speaking of Skandinavian style, I also follow some of Swedish instagrammers, such as mackaparulrika and rumochrabalder. Okay, I mostly follow cat owners on Instagram, I admit it! But there are a bunch of interior instagrammers on my list, too!

What inspires you?

1) All images from inside the magazines/books are copyrighted and property of their respective owners.
2) The Chez Larsson living room image is copyrighted and property of Chez Larsson
I am merely a fan and an admirer ;-)


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