A while ago I've started going to a Japanese conversation class at a VHS (adult education center). So for me it's almost like going back to school again, eventhough it's only once a week. And what's the most exciting thing about going back to school? That's right, new stationery!

I purchased a simple MUJI ring file and opted for the colourful separators for the lesson's themes. But I noticed that the separators were way too long – they jutted out way too much from the file and after a while they looked like this:

Now, I'm not happy about this. I could have used a set of index cards instead, but seriously, I just can't stand their form and colour! I haven't seen any that are pretty to my taste but I was also too lazy to make my own version. And so when I went to MUJI last week I was delighted to find these index cards! Why didn't I think of them before!

The themes are now at the top of the file, which is great, since I carry the file vertically in my bag. That way the edges won't get scrunched so easily anymore. I opted for the simple one-colour version and decided to decorate the file's cover:

And now I am one happy student!

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