There are many Japanese restaurants in Munich and one of my favourites is OHAYOU in Munich-Schwabing. Last week Ajie and I went there to try out its "Party-Menü" (it's called a party menu but actually it's only for two, hihi), which consists of seven dishes.

It was very delicious! I highly recommend it! There were enough breaks between the dishes, and after four dishes they politely asked us, whether we wanted a longer break. So eventhough the portions were small, thanks to the breaks in the end we had a satisfying fullness – just enough, not too stuffed, even for Ajie, who usually eats a much bigger portion than me ;-)

The dishes from top to bottom, right to left:

1. assorted appetizer – mini springrolls and two different seaweed salad
2. 刺身 sashimi
3.焼き鳥 (yakitori) –grilled chicken on skewer
4. 串揚げ (kushi age) – fried meat on skewer
5. お味噌汁 miso soup
6. お寿司 sushi
7. matcha ice cream and matcha tiramisu

If you happen to be in Munich and crave Japanese food, please try OHAYOU!

80804 Munich-Schwabing

PS: I couldn't take better pictures because of the light conditions at our table that night. If you have tips on how to shoot good food pictures in a rather dark restaurants, please do tell me!