The reason Ajie and I went to Berlin two weekends ago was the wedding of our friends. It was a cute, casual one with familiar atmosphere, held in a beautiful old building with high ceilings, huge windows, parquet floors and a tightrope-walking-cow in the bathroom.

The married couple are two of the most creative people I know with cool taste. They created all the decorations themselves, and the bride even made the paper flowers for the dining tables. We had a lot of fun on the photo booth sofa (4 pictures in a row! Quick! Another silly pose!) and had a hard time choosing between stamps, pens and masking tapes to fill out the guest book (we just used all of them). Not to mention the food, which was absolutely delicious.

Definitely one of the best weddings we went to. I'm happy we could be a part of it.

First picture taken by Ajie.

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